Sufi Solutions To World Problems

Last week the South Park episode mocked self crucial stars, group identity politics and those who practice them, people who threaten to eliminate other people for depicting the Prophet Mohammed, and individuals who tremble in worry of those other individuals.

Naturally, the United States and Israel are against this proposition, and I'm quite sure the remainder of the world would be a little shaky on conversion at gunpoint. This is why war is coming, not since Iran is establishing nuclear capabilities, however since Iran has a leader who believes his faith offers him a mandate from god to ruin and dominate the world.

This early morning patriot attacked Maisa El Brega a major oil terminal in the Eastern part of Libya where Gaddafi seemingly is not in control. The media in Libya states that the Libyan military operation succeeded. Rebels, nevertheless, state that the assaulters were repulsed. Loyalists and rebels likewise fought at the close-by university.

And how do those who agree paket aqiqah with regard to the mosque controversy fix up that after 9/11 there were no attacks against American Muslims? Mosques? Was there a spate of red blooded Americans attacking innocent Muslim Americans? No there was not. Now due to the fact that we oppose a mosque/memorial at Ground No, we are Islam haters? Puleeze! It is safer for an American Muslim in the United States than to be a Muslim almost anywhere else on this world, yet we are the bad guys, huh?

These teachings and dogmas are, as Mr. Arguello alludes to, indicates of managing human behavior. Many religious beliefs teach that we as people are inherently flawed from birth (original sin) and therefore are in need of conserving. This or course needs a savior. Another concept is that of reward and penalty. The exemplary go to heaven, the bad or evil go to hell. We need to act a certain way to earn our way into paradise, and by not acting in this accepted way, we are doomed to hell.

Mansfield's commitment of a whole chapter to Trinity UCC and Rev. Wright seemed odd to me at first. Was it important to know the life history of Rev. Wright? As I continued reading, I realized that it is essential for one to understand who Rev. Wright is and what he preached in order to understand the faith of Obama.

Too much of an excellent thing can quickly be a bad thing. Water can flood - oxygen can fire up - work can overtake every nook and cranny of life once it becomes a dependency. We frequently fail to acknowledge its perilous impact because it so often masquerades as a good read more - and even worthy - calling. Like food, it frequently looks nourishing and so wholesome. However like food, it can eliminate if taken as too stable a diet.

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